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Summer is here… Time for a BBQ!

A BBQ / barbecue can a be a great choice for safe GD food, but there are still some sneaky foods that you may want to steer clear of and it can be easy to overload your plate with carbs without thinking. This post will help you find better foods for a BBQ and warn you of some of the BBQ things to avoid or limit.


Meat & Poultry BBQ hints, tips and ideas…

High in protein and natural fat, meat is a great GD safe food (just be wary that it isn’t coated in sweet BBQ or chilli sauces which is high in sugar!)


Steaks, chops, loins all make for great choices with simple seasoning. Use salt and freshly ground pepper, butter, garlic, chilli, lemon and herbs for extra flavour. Try beef, pork, lamb or any exotic meats, it’s all high protein! Kebabs can be a great choice if they are high meat content and not coated in sweet sticky sauces.

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